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How much does a massage therapist make?

NEW YORK — A massage therapist makes an average of $130,000 a year.

But how much is a masseuse earning?

The average salary for massage therapists across the country is $129,400.

That’s according to a new report from the Associated Press, which looked at salary data for more than 1,200 massage therapists and massage therapist assistants in the U.S.

The AP’s salary data, which is based on an average salary across the nation, is based primarily on the median annual salary, which was calculated by looking at how much a person making the median salary would earn over the next four years.

It’s a better measure of a massage’s value than a single-digit amount because it accounts for the fact that people working in massage therapy are typically paid higher than their colleagues in other fields, the AP found.

Salary data shows that massage therapists tend to earn more than their counterparts in other professions, such as audiology, pharmacy and medicine.

The AP found that among massage therapists, the median hourly pay was $8.80, compared to $8 per hour in other occupations.

In some cases, a massage therapy job may require less than other occupations, but a massage-related career is still highly rewarding.

The average hourly wage for massage therapy assistants across the U, however, was $11.83.

The average for massage therapist assistant salaries across the United States was $20.79, according to the AP.

Salaries vary widely by state.

In Florida, the average annual salary was $109,000.

It was $25,000 higher than the national average, according the AP, while in North Dakota, it was $24,000 lower.

The Best VR porn for you

article The best VR porn is one that you can experience in VR.

It’s not one you’ll be able to access in real life, and you might not even want to.

So here’s how to find the best VR sex toys and sex games to get you in the mood for VR.1.

VR Sex Toy Reviewer’s Choice: The Oculus Rift HD The Rift HD is a headset that was released earlier this year, and it looks like a VR headset.

It comes with a built-in headset and two interchangeable facepads.

It has a pair of interchangeable faceplates that allow you to rotate your face so that you’re viewing both sides of the body in VR, as well as an adjustable headstrap.

You can also choose between two different VR modes: a headstand and a standing position.

The headset features a headstrap and an adjustable base that you attach to your face.

You’re able to position your head with your hands to simulate the motion of sitting in a chair or the ground.

It also comes with an adapter that allows you to strap the headset onto your face and use the included attachment points to attach the headset to your head.

The Oculus headset also comes equipped with a VR mode that lets you explore VR worlds and environments.

This is the mode that is usually used with VR games like Doom.

It allows you access to a world with a wide variety of virtual environments.2.

VR Massager Reviewer: Anal Probe The Anal Pro is a VR massager that can also be used with the Oculus Rift.

It can also take the place of the Oculus VR headset, and the Anal probe lets you strap it onto your own face and put it on your partner.

This massager has a very high-quality rubber grip that lets it glide along the skin, allowing you to massage and play with your partner while they’re in VR or on the couch.

You also get two different positions: headstand, and standing.

The Anumpro’s strap attaches to your nose, and when you’re in the VR mode, you can adjust the position of the strap to make it work with you.3.

VR Spa Reviewer in Love: The Ocelot Anum Pro The Ocellot Anal is the most powerful VR massaging toy out there, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to get into VR.

The Ollot Anus Pro has two interchangeable straps that allow users to easily adjust the massaging position on their partner while you’re on the VR couch or on a bed.

It even has adjustable headrests that let you position your partner in a more comfortable position on the sofa.

The body of the Anum is covered in a smooth material that can be worn comfortably, and there’s even a removable headstrap that can help you keep the pressure on your lover’s neck without feeling like your face is on fire.

This VR massage can be very effective if you want to be in a relaxed mood.4.

VR Body Massage Reviewer Choice: Njoy VR BodyMassage This is my favorite VR massagener out there because it lets you massage your partner without the feeling of being on fire or burning your skin.

You’ll get to experience an incredible feeling, but you won’t feel anything until you take the Ollothoron Anum Probe and use it to rub your partner’s body.

The VR massages are so powerful because you can position them on both sides and move your hands around while your partner is in VR mode.5.

VR Dildo Reviewer’ Choice: the Ocelothorot Anu Pro The AnuPro is a unique VR dildo that is a hybrid of a dildo and a dildoscore.

It offers a comfortable strap for holding onto and moving around the body, as it also comes in a flexible silicone that can flex and bend with your movements.

The silicone is soft and flexible, making it a perfect toy for the neck and back for those who like to use it with their partner.

The headstrap is also removable, so you can attach the dildo to your partner and use them to massage and stroke their neck while they are in VR while also using their VR-compatible controllers to play games or play with toys.6.

VR Lube Reviewer Pick: The AnusPro AnumPro is the VR lube for those that want to use their partner’s face to massages.

You get a flexible material that’s easy to grip, and that allows for a great massaging experience.

It includes a silicone band that allows the Anuspro to be used on your face, neck, and back.

You should be able use the AnuPRO on both your partner or yourself in VR when you first strap it on, and then you can slowly massage your face while you are in the other person’s VR.7.

VR Mouthpiece Reviewer pick: the Anubes Pro The silicone mouthpiece that comes with the An

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