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Why are the masseuses at Massage Therapy and Massage Toys not selling their wares?

A massage therapy company has been inundated with questions from customers since a report in The Sydney Morning Herald claimed it had lost out on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Advertisement It said it was now in the process of appealing a decision by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) that it was not entitled to the full value of the sale.

The report was based on the sales of products that were not listed on the company’s website, or in its marketing materials.

Under the ATO’s scheme, sales are taxed at their full value and only the profit that the company has made from the sale is taxed at 30 per cent.

As a result, the ATP decided to stop the sale of Massage Therapies products.

But the company said it could not give an official statement until it had had a chance to review its finances.

Massage Therapy said in a statement that it had no intention of giving up the fight.

“It is our position that the ATOM [Australian Taxation office] has not properly assessed the tax consequences of our sales of massage therapy products,” the statement read.

It also said it would not be able to give an update on its tax situation for at least two years, unless the tax office changes its mind.

However, Mr Hirschfeld said the company would not take the ATTO’s action as a result of the news reports.

“[It is] just a matter of time until the government gets in front of the Parliament and asks them to address the issues that are causing this,” he said.

‘We are not being discriminated against’Mr Hirschstein said the sale was not a “shopping spree” but an “integrated business” and was aimed at a particular segment of the market.

Mr Huchschiff said the massage therapy industry had suffered from “political correctness”.

“People are starting to realize that this is just not how we should be operating and that’s why we are not in this for the cash, this is not about profit.

He said the sales were a response to a specific market segment, one that was growing, and was not targeting the general population.

We are just trying to help people and the masseurs are trying to make a profit and they are doing it by making a difference, not taking the government’s money.”

Massive Massage Technologies general manager, Mark Hirschfield, said the Australian market was growing and the company was working hard to remain competitive.

“”We are seeing an explosion of people coming to our website and we see people wanting to try something different,” Mr Huchstied said.”

They are coming because they have something new to try and we have a way of handling the process so they can feel comfortable.

If we don’t make them feel comfortable, they will just leave.

They need to understand that if they leave, we are going to have to change the process.

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