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Couple’s ‘game’ for head massage ‘can be a way to get to the truth’

A man and a woman have been fined £1,000 after a court heard they were “gaming” their massage chair in a bid to get closer to their loved ones after they were admitted to hospital.

The pair, who are both from the Isle of Wight, pleaded guilty to one count of causing unnecessary suffering to a patient, in a court in Northumberland.

The court heard the couple had a video camera in the chair, which they said was used to capture their intimate scenes.

The patient, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she was in a wheelchair and the video camera showed them engaging in sex acts.

The couple, who have been banned from all public and private activities in the UK for the rest of their lives, have been given two years’ probation and are prohibited from having contact with the patient or anyone under the age of 18.

The defendant’s partner, who is also a member of the church, was also found guilty of one count each of causing the patient undue distress and for causing unnecessary distress.

Judge Ian Wilson told the court: “The patient was a woman, in her early 60s.

The video camera was in the right position.

It was a video recording device.

I accept that you were recording your sexual encounters with that patient.”

‘Totally inappropriate’ The court was told that after the victim had given her consent to the couple’s conduct she was taken to the ambulance, where she said she could see a video of them having sex in the bed.

Judge Wilson said: “I am going to conclude that the patient had not consented to this conduct and it was completely inappropriate for you to do that.”

You were in a position to be filming, so it is wholly inappropriate that you would use the footage of them in that way.

“You’ve got to get him away from me. “

I have a real problem with this guy,” the court heard.

“You’ve got to get him away from me.

You’ve got no idea what’s going to happen.”

The judge added that the defendant had previously been convicted of domestic violence and he was concerned the victim’s family would be hurt.

“Your behaviour in this case was entirely inappropriate and it does not fit in any of those categories of criminal behaviour.”

The defendant was given a 12-month supervision order.

In sentencing, the judge said: ‘This was a serious case of domestic abuse and a serious breach of trust.

It must have been quite traumatic.’

I think this is a huge shame and I am very pleased that it has been brought to a conclusion.

‘The victim is still recovering and she will be left with the immense task of trying to rebuild her life.’

The judge also said the defendant should not be allowed to continue working as a massage therapist in the future.

‘I’m so scared’: Woman suffers panic attack after being abused in car

A woman who was assaulted in a car by a man who had been watching porn while she was at work is now terrified of her family and friends.

News.co.nz/94717 News.com/94675 Woman’s horror at her assault in a New Zealand car leads her to seek help for herself and her family: News.au Key points: The woman was at a party at her home when she was sexually assaulted in the car by an unknown man who was watching pornThe man’s partner was at the party but not home when the incident happenedThe man, who was later identified as the man who assaulted her, had previously been released on bail but the woman has not yet received any compensationThe woman’s family, friends and her former boss have all contacted police to say they are still waiting for justice for her.

The 31-year-old was at her sister’s house in the suburb of Tauranga when she suffered what her sister described as a panic attack.

“I had a panic in my chest,” she said.

She woke up to find her sister with a huge cut on her head and that she had been beaten by the man in the back seat of the car.

Her family said she had not yet been paid for the damage to her car.

The woman said she was not at home when it happened, and her partner had gone home, but she was still in shock.

“[I was] still in a state of shock, it was very difficult to talk to me about what happened,” she told 7.30.

When she returned home, she was unable to contact her family or anyone in her current position and had lost the support she needed.

In response to her ordeal, the woman had applied for a payout from the state of New Zealand for the time she spent in the care of the police, but her application has not been approved.

It’s not the first time she’s been the victim of a sexual assault in New Zealand.

During a 2016 trial in which she was the only witness, the man was found guilty of raping her after she told a lie.

His victim, now 19, was awarded $1.2 million by the Court of Appeal.

At the time, she said her mother and her brother had not received compensation.

Today, she’s determined to get her money back and is speaking out for the first to get justice for the woman who has been sexually assaulted.

Now, she wants to help other women to seek compensation.

“I’m not scared at all, but it’s just a matter of getting it done, getting it through the system,” she added.

‘I’m afraid to go back to work’: Victim’s mother is still waiting on compensation The man had been released from jail after pleading guilty to rape, but the court heard he was still serving a 10-month sentence for an unrelated offence and was not eligible for bail.

He was also ordered to pay $1,100 to his victim, and $750 to her sister.

After pleading guilty, he was released on parole, and a judge ordered him to pay the woman $600 in child support.

But he has yet to make a payment to the woman, who had a child with him, and had been in contact with her family since her ordeal.

I’m still trying to get the money and I have not been paid.

They haven’t been paid in about a year.

My son was at school when this happened.

I don’t think they have been paid by me, they’ve just said that they won’t do anything about it.

That’s why I’m doing all I can to get it done for her, and I’m so afraid to come back to the job.

News: Victim’s mum tells 7.90 “I don’t know how to take this anymore, I just want my money.

I’ve lost my job, my family and my children.

People need to understand that they can’t just take someone’s money without having to make it better for them.

We need to find out who did this, and if they’ve got the ability to pay them back.”

‘It was not my fault’: Victim says she felt ‘abandoned’ The victim’s mother said the abuse had left her feeling “abandoning” her son.

For many women, it is difficult to get money from their abusers because of financial problems, or because of the stigma attached to them.

“This was a traumatic experience for me, but also a very difficult one for my family, my children, my partners,” she explained.

A police investigation into the case found the man’s previous convictions had not been recorded.

This has left her “shocked and angry”, and she wants the woman to receive compensation.

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