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What do you think about Asian lesbian massage places?

Asian lesbian masseuses have come under fire in recent years due to allegations that they are exploiting Asian women, and one of the largest Asian lesbian sex workers groups in the US has issued a call for “safe and sanitary” sex with their clients.

But what does it take to make an Asian lesbian be safe and sanitized?

Read moreRead MoreThe Asian lesbian community has become a target of harassment in the media, which has often been linked to the Chinese government.

Last year, the Chinese embassy in the United States issued a statement in response to a report by Buzzfeed, which revealed that the Chinese consulate in San Francisco had been hosting sex parties for Chinese clients and even held an “Asian women’s only” party in front of the consulate’s office, where women were encouraged to give up their identities and sex work to earn money.

The Chinese consulate has since claimed that the article “unfortunately misrepresented the experiences of our Asian women and that the events were not held by the Chinese Embassy in San Diego.”

The Asian Lesbian Community (ALT) in San Jose, California, has also issued a series of statements against the Chinese-linked “Asian lesbian massage place” that they believe has been using “sexualized language” and “excessive sex to further a commercial agenda.”

“We are concerned that these types of establishments are exploiting our Asian community in a discriminatory way, and we ask the Chinese Government to immediately investigate the allegations and take appropriate action to address the problems caused by these businesses,” the statement read.

The group has also been criticized for a recent Facebook post, which claimed that Asian lesbians are “taking money” from Asian men.

The statement, which was later removed from the group’s Facebook page, also claimed that a “large number of Asian men” in the community have contacted them with concerns about their sexual orientation and “lack of respect for their bodies.”

The statement said that it had been working with Asian American and Pacific Islander organizations to create a hotline for Asian lesbians, and the group was currently working with the American Psychological Association to set up a safe space where Asian lesbians can feel comfortable talking about their experiences.

The group has received support from a local business owner who has also taken steps to set aside space for Asian women to be comfortable at his or her massage parlor.

A spokesperson for the American Lesbian and Gay Association told Business Insider that they had not yet received a formal complaint, but that they have been working to provide an avenue for Asian lesbian women to speak up.

“We hope to have a safe place for Asian gay, bisexual, trans and queer Asian American women to talk to other Asian lesbians about their issues and the impact that discrimination has on their lives,” the spokesperson said.

The San Jose Lesbian Alliance also said in a statement that the group is working to create safe spaces for Asian Americans who are experiencing discrimination and abuse.

“We have received several reports of people being harassed, mistreated, physically attacked, or threatened, including a trans woman who was called a ‘trailer trash’ and had her belongings confiscated,” the group said.

“Our hope is that these incidents will serve as a reminder to all Asian American communities that it is not acceptable for Asian men to sexually assault or harm Asian women.”

The ALT statement, however, also suggested that the Asian lesbian communities are not the only ones experiencing discrimination.

“There are countless Asian American, Pacific Island and Latino women and men who have been targeted by men who seek to exploit their sexualized language, sexualized body parts and sexualized bodies to further their own commercial and sexual agendas,” the organization said.

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