‘I’m sorry’: ‘I don’t have the time’ for my husband to have sex

My husband has been on an extended paternity leave for the past year, and he’s not alone.

Many couples have to make the decision between spending time with their children or taking time to raise a family.

But it can be difficult for men to find time to take care of their families, and that can lead to stress.

But one new study suggests that men can take care, too.

A team led by researchers from Harvard Medical School published a study last month in the Journal of Family Psychology, and they found that a large majority of couples felt comfortable enough to have unprotected sex without worrying about consequences.

That means that men don’t need to worry about being exposed to STIs or even the possibility of pregnancy.

The researchers found that most men who have unprotected and non-coital sex were satisfied with their partner’s ability to have a normal life.

“The men that were doing this did not feel that they needed to go through all of the other stresses of having a relationship,” said lead author Rachel Schonfeld, an associate professor of psychology at Harvard.

“They didn’t feel that it was the same for the other partner.”

In the study, the researchers asked couples how they felt about having unprotected sex.

Some couples said they were glad they didn’t have to worry, while others said they felt that they were doing it for the right reasons.

Schonfield said that while she had no hard evidence to back up this claim, it’s still a possibility.

“I’m curious to see what women say about it,” she said.

But for some men, it might just be too difficult to talk about their sex lives without getting into arguments.

“It’s hard to get a sense of how many men actually are struggling with this,” Schonstein said.

And some of the women in the study were not the only ones struggling.

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health last year found that men who had had sex with their partners before were more likely to have an STD, and one in five of those men had an infection or STI.

So men who haven’t been intimate with their spouses for years can be at higher risk.

“These are guys who have been having sex for years, so it can make it hard to have that conversation,” Sch onfeld said.

“This is not something that’s been fixed in a way that is appropriate or is a good outcome for men.”

But that doesn’t mean that the solution is to just leave sex to the men.

“We know that in relationships, you need to have people in the relationship who are willing to take the initiative,” Schonsonfeld said, “and if you’re not that, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.”

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