How to get naked and be free in Houston

What do you get when you mix massage therapy with a massage therapist in a massage parlor?

A sexy, sensual massage.

That’s what the Houston-based company that sells its clients’ “massage sex videos” says it has found in the massage parlors of Houston and Austin.

In fact, they say that the sex videos that their clients watch are just the tip of the iceberg of their service.

In a recent interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Massage Therapy founder and CEO John Raffaelli explained that they’ve worked with massage therapists across the United States, and that they specialize in the “massaging sex scene.”

But they say their videos, like their clients’ own, are just a tiny slice of their business.

“We’re not looking for a massager or a masseuse,” Raffaeelli said.

“We’re just a guy who loves to give massage.”

In the interview, Raffelli said that the “Massage Therapy” videos are “one-stop shopping” for massagers and masseuses alike.

“Our business is a little bit different than many massagers or masseuses that you might come across, and it’s because we have a very strict, very professional approach,” Rafaeelli explained.

Massage therapists can get their hands on the “sex toys” that their customers have requested in their massage videos.

“There’s a lot of things you can do with these toys that are not usually available to massagers, like making sure you’re really in a position that’s comfortable,” Rauffaelli said, adding that a massage therapy massage is like a “real sex session.”

“So, for example, when you get a massage, you can take it in a variety of ways,” he explained.

“It can be, like, a position where you’re sitting up straight on the bed, or you can sit down, put your arms up in the air, put one arm behind your head and just be totally comfortable.”

Raffaella explained that a lot people come to Massage Therapists for the “porn,” but they also want to see how the massage works for their own bodies.

“If they are having a massage and they are feeling really good and they’re having a great massage, then we just want to make sure that the massage that they’re doing is the best massage possible,” Ralfaeelli added.

In some cases, Massaged Therapies will even go as far as offering massage services for clients who have HIV/AIDS.

In those cases, Ralfaelli says Massage therapists will “look at their own body and determine if they’re going to be comfortable with it and if it is something that would be appropriate for a patient that has HIV,” which he said is “really important to know.”

Rafaelli told Mitchell that he’s “never really felt like I’m being compensated in the way that a masseur is” for “massages,” adding that his business is “not an advertising company” or anything like that.

“So, I’m not a massage company,” he said.

Instead, Massages is looking to help people find themselves in the same place that they are, he said, “where they are happy and happy with themselves.”

“I think that this is a new way to get into the massage scene,” Roffaelli added, adding, “The massage therapists that I work with know that this could be a very, very important way to help them become healthier, happier people.”

Roffaella told Mitchell he thinks that the videos are a good start to “finding the best Massage.”

“We think that the idea of massages being a sex-positive thing is a really big thing in this industry,” he added.

“You’re getting to experience the sensuality of a woman’s body, and you’re getting into her body and having a very intense experience,” Rofaeelli continued.

“And we feel that it’s important to give people a really unique experience, and we’re really passionate about doing that.”

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