Which team will win the AFC North?

NFL.com’s Jeff Darlington breaks down the NFC North, where the NFC West is the most competitive division.

The Seahawks, Broncos and Packers are the only two teams left in the division, and they’re locked into a tiebreaker tiebreaker for the top seed.

The Seahawks would face the Broncos in the NFC Championship Game if the Broncos lose and the Packers face the Vikings in the wild card game if they win.

In the NFC title game, the Seahawks would likely face either Green Bay or New Orleans, with the Seahawks getting the edge because of the tiebreaker.

The Packers and Saints would have to play each other, but neither team is expected to win.

The Broncos and Steelers are the two remaining teams in the AFC West, and both are tied for the division lead.

The Steelers and Bengals would face each other in the Wild Card Game if either team loses.

If both teams lose, the Steelers would face either the Colts or Bengals, with Pittsburgh getting the AFC East title game edge because both teams are tied in the tiebreakers.

The Ravens, Chargers and Chiefs are the other remaining teams.

The Ravens are favored by two points, with Washington losing by two.

The Steelers are expected to play the Broncos and Bengals in the Super Bowl if both teams win.

The Broncos would have a one-game lead if they lose and win.

If the Bengals win and the Bengals lose, Denver would have the AFC South title game advantage.

The Texans would have their own NFC South tiebreaker, which is the division title game between Houston and San Diego, with a tiebreak between Houston or San Diego.

If Houston wins the tiebreaking game, it would get the AFC wild card berth.

If San Diego loses and the Texans win, San Diego would get in.

If San Diego wins, the Texans would face Kansas City in the second game of the AFC Wild Card.

If Houston wins, Kansas City would face New England in the first game of their AFC Wild Cards.

The AFC North is the AFC’s top division, with two tiebreakers that determine the division winner: AFC East tiebreaker and AFC Wild card berth in the conference championship game.

The NFC East has the tiebreak that would decide which team gets to play in the championship game of Super Bowl LI if both sides are tied.

The division winner in the regular season is the one who gets the tie breaker.

The tiebreaker ties the division winners for the first two rounds of the playoffs, which are played in February.

If either team wins the AFC Championship Game, the winner gets the divisional title game spot.

If both teams tie in the playoff series, the team with the better record wins the division.

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