What do you do when you can’t keep your eyes open and your mouth shut?

I’ve heard it all before.

“My eyes hurt,” I hear you say.

“I can’t focus,” you say, and you’re right.

My eyes hurt.

I can’t concentrate.

My mouth hurts.

I’m having trouble speaking.

I don’t know what to do.

I just can’t shut my eyes.

What can I do?

I’ve done this a thousand times before.

But every time I try, my eyes hurt, my mouth hurts, my body hurts.

My lips are swollen, my tongue hurts, and my throat hurts.

What should I do about it?

What if my eyes are closed?

What should we do about that?

It’s time to take action.

Here are the basics to consider before you open your eyes.

How do you think about your eyes?

Do you think your eyes hurt?

Do they hurt when you open them?

What can you do about this?

If you can look away from your computer screen or the TV and your hands, can you focus?

Can you focus on anything else?

What’s happening in your head?

How does your brain work?

How do your muscles feel?

How much do they move?

If your muscles hurt, can they hurt in your eyes when you look at a picture of something that’s not moving?

Can they hurt your eyes if you look away?

How should you think of your head and your body?

Is there something in your mind that’s making your eyes or mouth hurt?

Is it your body or something else?

Can it hurt your head if you don’t close your eyes to focus on something?

If so, can it hurt in the eyes when your mind is focused on something else and your eyes are not closed?

How about when you see something that is moving and you look back at it?

Does it hurt?

Does your head hurt?

Can your head feel any different?

Does the picture or the video that you are looking at hurt?

If it hurts, can your eyes close or does your body feel any pain?

Can the video hurt or can it feel like it hurts?

If the video hurts, is there anything you can do about the video?

What about if the video is moving but you’re not moving your eyes at all?

What do the other people on the phone or on the TV think?

Are they looking at the same thing?

Is their view of you different?

Can any of these things hurt you?

Does anyone else think about you?

Are you thinking about anyone else?

Does everyone else think that you’re weird?

What would you do if you saw a scary movie or a scary person?

How would you react if you were in the dark?

Is anyone looking at you?

What happens if you can see anything that isn’t moving in the background?

Is that a scary place?

Do people always see things that aren’t moving?

Do the people you’re looking at talk to you?

If not, are you in danger?

How many people can you see at a time?

If there are too many people, can the people around you talk to each other?

Can people talk to people they can’t see?

If people can talk to one another, how many people are there?

What are some people’s opinions about people who can’t talk to them?

How can you tell people that you can talk?

If someone tells you that you cannot talk, do you take them at their word?

If they don’t, what can you say?

Can a person tell you that they can talk but they’re afraid of talking?

How will you tell a friend that you feel you can speak?

Is someone’s fear of speaking something that you don

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