‘Fifty Shades’ star ‘disappointed’ in film’s ‘lack of sexualisation’

A former model has told how she was “disappointed” to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, after the film “doesn’t address” the issue of sexualised depictions in mainstream films.

The film was released in the UK and Ireland on Wednesday and received mixed reviews.

A woman on Twitter said the film had “been an absolute disappointment” and a Twitter user called “Auntie B” said it “lacks sexualisation”.

“It’s not about sexualisation,” she said.

“It doesn’t make you feel like a woman.

It doesn’t address anything about women or sexualisation.

It just reinforces the negative images that exist around women in our society.”

But another Twitter user said the movie “has been an absolute disappointment”.

“I have watched 50 Shades over and over again and I am disappointed.

I can’t understand why this is not being addressed,” she wrote.

“I feel like this movie has been written to be a feminist message, not to discuss sexuality.”

The actress, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions, said she had been approached by “a lot of girls” and “women who are upset by the way this film is being marketed”.

“The way the film is going about it and the lack of sexuality is disappointing,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“That’s all I can say, I can only speak for myself.”

The film opens in Australia on August 31.

The Australian Council for Women said the industry was “shocked” by the criticism of the film.

“We are appalled by the level of abuse and the general negative views expressed by the public,” a spokeswoman said.

The council’s chief executive, Tania McGovern, said the issue had “no place in a culture that values and celebrates diversity and equality”.

“We strongly support all women and girls and we condemn any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, violence, or sexual violence against any person,” she added.

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