When Japan’s ‘massage shop’ opens, it’s not just for oil massage

Japan’s new “massage” “shop” will open next week, opening to the public on April 17th.

The facility, located at the back of the Tokyo hotel, has already received rave reviews from customers and hotel guests alike.

“The facility has already proven itself as a great resource for customers looking to learn how to do their own oil massage,” a manager for the hotel told CNNMoney.

The company has been building its massage equipment for more than five years, which is why the staffs initial training took them three months to get certified.

This is the first massage shop in Japan to offer massages at the same location as other Japanese massage parlors.

In addition to its oil massage service, the new “oil massage” is also offering massage services such as massaging the breasts, but with a touch of a Japanese accent.

In Japan, massages are known as “takushiki” which translates to “oil” and are usually done by a masseur who holds a small plastic spoon with a handle over a massage table.

Massages in Japan are usually given at a private home and are also performed in a “semi-private setting.”

According to the Japanese massage industry, the Japanese oil massage market is expected to reach $3.8 billion in 2020, and the number of massage services will increase by 2,500 per year.

At least five massage parlor chains are now operating in Japan, including a number of large and popular ones.

Many of these chains offer massage services in private homes, but many of them also offer massage in a public space, which makes it hard for customers to find a masseuse to offer their massage services.

While the “massages” offered by these chains are more expensive than the massages offered by traditional massage parlaments, they are not that expensive, either.

For example, the cost of a massage in Japan for an average adult is around $600.

The prices for a “massaging” at the “oil bath” range from $500 to $600, depending on the service and massage style.

There are many massage shops in Japan which offer oil massage services, and not all of them offer the same types of massage.

Some massage shops offer massaging in private spaces, while others offer massage with a different style, such as massage in an open-air space, and some offer massagers only in a private room.

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