How Trump’s trip to China was a business trip for President Xi

Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping have taken to China’s capital to discuss the latest developments in the ongoing dispute between the United States and North Korea.

The two leaders have also exchanged views on the global economic crisis.

As they walked through the streets of Beijing on Sunday, Trump’s first stop on a four-day trip, Xi greeted Trump by saying he had asked the American leader to visit the country.

“He has been very welcoming,” Xi said.

“It’s a wonderful country.”

Trump has repeatedly criticized China’s human rights record.

He has called it a “currency manipulator” and said he “strongly disagrees” with Beijing’s assertion that the Chinese government does not “harbor” North Korean agents.

Trump’s foreign policy team has said he wants to deepen the economic and diplomatic ties between the two nations.

The trip to Beijing is the first of Trump’s presidency to take place during Xi’s visit to Washington.

Xi is also expected to meet with Trump in Florida, a trip that began as a routine stopover in New Jersey.

Trump and Xi will discuss the crisis in the Korean Peninsula and other pressing issues.

Trump and Xi are expected to discuss how to confront North Korea, including the North’s nuclear and missile programs, a possible strike on Guam, and the growing threat of terrorism and cyberattacks.

Trump also is expected to seek an increase in trade with China, including through a deal to build a new border wall and to ease sanctions.

Trump also is likely to take questions from the press and is likely in a meeting with his National Security Council staff.

The president is also scheduled to hold a briefing with the leaders of Canada, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia and New Zealand, according to a White House official.

In a brief news conference on Sunday with reporters at the White House, Trump again urged China to make “a decision” on the North Korean crisis and to refrain from any actions that would escalate the conflict.

He said that China should “stop all of the other threats and threats and actions against us” and “stop the economic pressure on our country.”

Trump has said China should not interfere with U.S. nuclear weapons development programs.

China has denied any interference in U.N. nuclear disarmament efforts, but U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly called on Beijing to put a stop to the North Korea dispute.

The two leaders will also discuss trade, including an agreement to boost bilateral trade by $200 billion and to free up U.T.O. visas for people with dual U.F.O.-certified passports, according a White White House statement.

Trump will meet with Chinese President Li Keqiang at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

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