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RTE 1/12 RTE 2/12 More from RTE: Mums, dads and children on the brink of a baby shower – but it’s not easy being a mum in the modern world article RTV 6/12 3.8 million viewers watched the live coverage of RTE’s Good Morning Ireland.

The programme is hosted by Emma Byrne and Dan Bower and features interviews with some of Ireland’s most popular and influential people including former IRA commander Brian O’Brien, former Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny and former deputy prime minister and TD Pat Rabbitte.

The show has been viewed by over 3.5 million viewers.RTE 6/10 3.2 million people watched the coverage of Good Morning Europe, which includes interviews with Irish politicians, former Fine Gael leader Michael Noonan, the late comedian Michael D Higgins, former Northern Ireland first minister Peter Robinson and former First Minister Eamon Gilmore.

The show is hosted toasts the new year with the first ever live interview of the former first minister and former DUP leader Michael Collins.

The first live interview with the late actor and presenter of the comedy show John Cleese was also part of the programme.RTV 6.2.2 3.1 million viewers tuned in to RTE2.8million, a programme that featured a number of interviews with celebrities and politicians.RÉTE 2.8.1 3.3 million viewers saw RTE1.7 million and RTE6.1.3 3.4 million watched RTE.RENÉTE2 3 million viewers got their hands on a live stream of RÉTE1, the only Irish broadcaster to broadcast the news and current affairs programme in Irish and English.RTS 1.6.3 4.3.3MUSIC The Late Late Show With James Corden was seen by over 4 million people.

The comedy show was hosted by the late James Cordener and featured guest hosts from The Late Show with Craig Ferguson, James Cordain, Craig Ferguson and Ricky Gervais.RTC 1.4.1 1.8m The Lately Show With Stephen Colbert was seen over 2.5m times, the highest ever in Irish history.

The Late Late show is broadcast in Irish on Radio Ulster.RTYT 1.2m The late Steve Thomas hosted a live chat show with host Stephen Colbert, and was followed by host Colin Quinn.RUNAWAYS 1.1m The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was watched by more than 1.5million people, the most ever in the programme’s history.

It was hosted in Irish by comedian James Joyce and featured Jimmy Fallon as host and host Johnny Carson as guest.RTD 1.3m The RTÉ2 Newsnight programme was watched over 1.7m times.

The news programme is broadcast by RTÉ News.RUV 1.0.2 1.9m The Irish Independent was seen to be watched by over 1 million people, breaking the previous record of 1.85 million watched.

It is hosted in English by Andrew Marr and features the news programme of the day as well as a wide range of interviews.RITUALS 1.03m The Good Friday Show was watched in Irish over 3 million times, breaking a record set in 2014.

It’s a live news programme on RTÉ.RTÉ 2.1M RTE Irish had a huge day, with the show being watched by nearly 2.2million people.

It featured news reports, interviews, interviews with prominent politicians and Irish celebrities.RFM 1.87m The Radio Ulster show RTE Talk was watched more than 2.4m times across platforms.

It includes interviews, commentary, and analysis.RST1.8M The RTE World Service was watched almost 5m times on a number for all platforms, including mobile devices and TV sets.

It features interviews, analysis, and news coverage.RSP1.6M RÉ�s TV2 had a massive day with a live show of the RTE News, the news, the programme and the live sport show RTS.RWT1.2M The RTTE Talk programme was viewed over 2m times and also featured interviews with RTE presenter and presenter Stephen Curran and RTA presenter Mark O’Sullivan.RTM1.1million The RTA News Hour was watched at least 1.45million times on TV2, the largest ever in RTE history.

It featured interviews, discussion and analysis with RTA reporter and presenter Paul Burchill and RTÉ presenter Sean McEwan.RTN1.01million The Lateline programme was seen at least 800,000 times on all platforms including mobile, TV, tablet and connected devices.

The program features interviews and analysis as well.

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